• A wrap platform that makes investing simple

    Make life easier and start managing all of your client's investments in one place. 

    Give yourself more time with your clients and less time on admin. And rely on us for full training and support, easy-to-use tools, and simple, transparent charges. You can invest using our choice of product wrappers, and move money quickly and easily when you need to.
  • Start using Elevate now - and see what the platform can do for you and your client
  • Elevate - tailored to fit your business and make life easier

    When you use Elevate, you can manage all of your client's investments in one place, making it much easier for you both to see the bigger financial picture. As well as allowing you to place investment transactions quickly and securely on their behalf.

    Watch our short overview video to find out the benefits of using Elevate.

  • Charges are easy to understand, and competitive with clear charging tiers, so if your client’s investment grows into the next tier up, our reduced charges apply to everything invested.

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    Choose whatever suits your clients’ needs best, from our range of over 5,000 funds from over 150 fund managers. We're constantly reviewing and expanding our investment fund range. Our range of investments includes:

    • Sterling denominated stocks and shares
    • Investment Trusts
    • Exchanged Traded Funds (ETFs)
    • UK authorised unit trusts and open Ended Investment Companies (OEICs)
    • Offshore funds recognised by the FCA
    • Fixed Term deposits

    For high net worth clients or those with more complex investments, outsourcing to a discretionary manager can make sense. The discretionary managers provide the appropriate level of risk management, asset allocation and portfolio re-balancing for these clients to help save you time.

    Explore our range

    You can open any of our core product wrappers, arrange payments and invest online, using the following wrappers:

    • Elevate General Investment Account (GIA)
    • Elevate Stocks and Shares Individual Savings Account (ISA)
    • Elevate Pension Investment Account (PIA)
    • International Investment Bond
    • Elevate General Investment Account for Third Party Assets

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    Pre-funding means your client's money is invested faster, so it's in the market for longer. We provide pre-funding on fund switches, cheques and pension tax relief.

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    MyElevate for iPad

    Your clients can use our free app to bring investments to life. MyElevate gives your clients a 12 month overview of their portfolio.

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    Funds and Investments

    Whether you're looking for multi-asset solutions to meet your clients' risk objectives, or a range of funds to pick from yourself, we can help.

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    Enhancing the Elevate platform

    To make sure it's delivering for you and your clients, we're constantly reviewing, updating and improving Elevate.

  • Want to get started on Elevate? Call us on 0345 600 2399.
    Lines are open between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday.
    We sometimes record telephone calls to help with training, service and security.