• Funds: what to invest in

    Choosing funds doesn't have to be complicated; your adviser can support you, and recommend which funds might suit you best. They can also switch your funds over time if you need to.

    There's a wide range of funds to choose. Use the drop-down options below, to find funds that are available through your chosen product.

  • We’re making changes to the way you access the Fund Information Centre. Here are the new options:

    Elevate funds

    For Elevate funds you'll find fund information for the funds you're invested in by logging into your Elevate account. You need to be registered to login and your adviser can help you with this.

    Isle of Man funds

    For Isle of Man fund information please call our Customer Support team on 01624 643345.

    Life & pensions funds

    You can continue to use the Fund Information Centre below.

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