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For our range of onshore investment and retirement products we offer you the ability to download up to date policy information to many of the leading back office systems.

You can view your client’s Retirement Wealth Account (insured funds only), The Personal Pension, The Executive Pension, The Section 32, Investment Bond and Trustee Investment Plan valuation through:

  • Avelo Adviser Office
  • Plum
  • Intelligent Office
  • Capita Financial Software

How do I register/setup to use my back office?

If you are currently registered to use AXA Wealth’s secure services, you will already have the necessary username and password to set up your back office system. However, there are a few further steps which you need to complete before you are able to use this service for the first time. 

Sign and return our terms of business form for online access to client data.

If you are already using AXA Wealth’s Client Management system we will already have this documentation. If you would like confirmation of this, please call our Contact Management Centre on 0845 129 9993.

Step 2 - Accept terms & conditions

Client Management Service

Login to our Client Management service to view policies for the Retirement Wealth Account, Investment Bond, The Section 32 and The Executive Pension.


How can we help?

Contact our Adviser Support Unit on 0845 129 9993. Telephone calls may be recorded and stored securely for training purposes.

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