• How to register for Online services

    There are two steps to registering. First, you need to register for secure services, giving you access to our range of online tools and services. Second, you need to register for Online services, which enables you to manage your clients' investments online.

  • It's quick and easy to register, why not sign up today?
  • Two simple steps to register

    Go to the registration page and:

    1. Complete the form with your full details and FCA number
    2. Once you’ve filled in the form, you’ll get a confirmation email
    3. Re-confirm your password
    4. You’ll then be taken to the Tools page where you can see all the tools we offer
    5. On your next visit, you can just login.

    What you need:

    • Make sure you have Terms of Business in place with us
    • Be ready to provide another level of identification to protect your clients’ data

    What to do:

    • Select Online services from the top right-hand corner of the page
    • Choose Access Online services
    • Choose your preferred method of extra security: a PIN that will be sent to your mobile phone, or an authentication code card

    PIN or authentication code card?

    We recommend the card option if you’re often overseas or work in an area where mobile reception is poor. Otherwise, you’ll probably find the PIN easier to use.

    If you choose the PIN method:
    • Your PIN will be sent to your phone by text
    • Enter this code on your screen where requested
    • Your PIN changes every time you log in to Client Management
    If you choose the authentication code card method:
    • You’ll receive a temporary authentication code card, valid for 10 days
    • You’ll need to download and save this card
    • We’ll then post you your permanent card
  • Logging in with Unipass

    Unipass can save you time and the hassle of having to remember lots of different passwords. Follow these steps to log in to Online services with Unipass:

    • If you have a Unipass certificate, and you've already registered for AXA Wealth's secure services, you can associate your account and use Unipass to log in.
    • To associate your account, select 'Log in with Unipass', dependant on your browser you may be presented with a window which asks you to select your certificate.
    • On the next screen enter your AXA Wealth username and password.
    • Next time you log in with Unipass, you'll be taken straight through.

  • Need some help with registering? Call us on 0345 129 9993.