• Show your clients how their investments might perform

    Produce top-up illustrations, whenever you need them - simply go online or call our Contact Management Centre.

  • Create illustrations for different products

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    The Retirement Wealth Account

    Log in and produce an illustration that shows additional regular or single contributions, or a transfer in.

    Through our service team we can also produce illustrations for:

    • Placing an existing policy into Flexi-access Drawdown
    • Drawdown pension transfers in
    • Moving additional funds into existing Capped Drawdown Pension
    • Taking an Uncrystallised Funds Pension lump sum from an existing policy

    More about The Retirement Wealth Account

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    Investment bond

    We can produce illustrations through our service team for increments of at least £1,000. Please get in touch to get started.

    More about Onshore Investment Bond

  • Want an illustration for a product we haven’t mentioned? Call 0345 129 9993 and we’ll be happy to help.
    We sometimes record telephone calls to help with training, service and security.