• These products let me offer my clients flexible investments for the medium to long term

  • Onshore investments – helping solve your clients’ multiple investment needs

    Your clients may be looking for growth in their capital, a regular income, or both. Whatever their needs, we provide onshore investments that could help them get what they want from their money.

    And it's easy to manage your clients' portfolios online, should you need to switch funds or make other changes.
  • Onshore Investment Bond

    A flexible, and tax-efficient way to aim to meet your clients' investment goals. The Investment Bond offers a range of investment choices that can be tailored as your client's needs and circumstances change. You can help your client to:

    • Create separate investment strategies - using the segmentation option
    • Withdraw a tax efficient income - of up to 5% of the amount invested each year.
    • Use our wide fund choice based on comprehensive external research and analysis.
    • Choose from our range of trusts to provide for their family and prepare for inheritance tax
    • Manage the bond with portfolio rebalancing and drip feeding
    • Get a 10 year loyalty bonus
    • Get a top-up illustration by calling us on 0345 129 9993

  • Please bear in mind

    Tax legislation could change in the future. The information here is based on our interpretation of current law and HM Revenue & Customs rules. The value of any tax benefits will depend on your client's personal circumstances.

    The value of your clients' investments can go down as well as up and is not guaranteed. So they could get back less than they put in.

  • Invest with the Elevate platform

    Elevate is an online investment platform that allows you to manage your clients' investments all in one place.

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    Elevate Individual Savings Account

    The Elevate ISA could be a great way to bring together ISAs from the previous and current tax year into one simple, tax-efficient account.

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    Elevate General Investment Account

    This is an account for investing, or setting money aside to cover things like charges, to help your clients make the most of Elevate.

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    Get an illustration for Elevate ISA and GIA

    Want to create an illustration for the Elevate Individual Savings Account or General Investment Account? Use our handy tool.

  • Want to invest in a different jurisdiction? Take a look at our International Investments