• Elite Fund of Funds – Simple investments keeping you in control

    Offer your client investments that are easy to manage and simple to understand.

  • A range of life and pension multi-manager funds

    Elite Fund of Funds can be a good way for your clients to spread risk and increase their chances of making a good return. They are expertly managed by the investment specialists at Architas, who are part of the AXA Group. Depending on your client's needs, you can choose from:

    Managed Funds - these are a range of ready-made portfolios that cater for different attitudes to risk, consisting of funds managed by some of the best investment experts around.

    Sector Funds - these let you get really hands-on and choose a portfolio for your client from funds selected by our experts.

    Elite Diversified Markets - a range of passive funds of funds, managed by leading investment experts. These are rated to suit a range of clients' attitudes to risk. They track the market, across a number of different benchmarks, so that your client's investments are diversified. And they come with cost-effective charges.

    Your client can invest in these funds if they have a Retirement Wealth Account, Investment Bond or Trustee Investment Plan. You can check prices and compare performance using our Fund Information Centre.

  • Choose a fund of funds

    You can choose a fund of funds from a range of six, depending on your client’s attitude to risk.

    • AXA Wealth Elite Extra Defensive Managed
    • AXA Wealth Elite Defensive Managed
    • AXA Wealth Elite Extra Cautious Managed
    • AXA Wealth Elite Cautious Managed
    • AXA Wealth Elite Balanced Managed
    • AXA Wealth Elite Stockmarket Managed

    Our sector funds are grouped by geographical area or asset class. You can mix and match these funds of funds depending on your client’s goals.

    • AXA Wealth Elite Bond
    • AXA Wealth Elite UK Equity
    • AXA Wealth Elite European Equity
    • AXA Wealth Elite North American Equity
    • AXA Wealth Elite Global Equity
    • AXA Wealth Elite International Equity
    • AXA Wealth Elite Asia Pacific
    • AXA Wealth Elite Global Emerging Markets
    • AXA Wealth Elite Japan

    Choose from this list of five risk-rated passive fund of funds. You can use our risk assessment tool to find out your client’s attitude to risk.

    • AXA Wealth Elite Diversified Markets 2
    • AXA Wealth Elite Diversified Markets 3
    • AXA Wealth Elite Diversified Markets 4
    • AXA Wealth Elite Diversified Markets 5
    • AXA Wealth Elite Diversified Markets 6
  • Why choose Elite?

    Ease and convenience

    Keep things simple with our ready-made investment portfolios that are easy to understand and straightforward to manage.  

    Skilled investment process

    With over £1.1bn under management*, the funds are built on the belief that no one fund manager can be an expert in all markets at all times. Led by Sheldon MacDonald (who has 20 years' investment experience), the Architas team specialises in different asset classes and geographical areas. Architas' skills lie in blending funds from the Tailored Selection, the AXA Fund Collection, and for the Managed Funds, selecting Elite Sector Funds if appropriate.

    Active fund monitoring and flexibility

    Give your client’s portfolio the chance to perform. Architas makes use of market knowledge and industry news feeds to be aware of any material changes to the structure and terms or management process of funds to assist in their monitoring of the Elite range. Your client can switch between funds free of charge whenever your client’s attitude to risk changes.**

    In-depth research

    Offer your client well-researched investments. Architas uses sophisticated specialist software, desk-based research and fund manager interviews to analyse which funds have the potential to grow.

  • * Figures as at 31.08.16. Please remember that past performance is not a guide to future performance.

    ** We may introduce a charge for switching in the future, refuse or limit switches, or delay switches indefinitely under some circumstances.

  • Please bear in mind

    The value of an investment can fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed. That means your clients could get back less than they put in.