• Funds and investments

    Your clients want to know that their money is in good hands. To do that, you need a range of funds to suit your investment approach.

    Whether you're looking for a multi-asset fund to meet your clients' risk objectives, or a range of funds to build a portfolio yourself, you should find what you need in our funds and investments range.

  • Introducing our fund ranges

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    Leave it to us, with Managed solutions

    Select from a range of risk-rated, multi-manager portfolios.

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    Our guidance, your choice – with the Researched range

    Build your clients' portfolios with funds researched by our investment experts.

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    Under the spotlight – Architas Multi-Asset Reserve funds

    Why do Brits cling to cash, and is there a SMARTER way to invest for the future?

  • Fund Information Centre

    Quick access to fund information – without logging in

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    Instantly access all the information you need on our entire fund range all in one place:

    • Get fund factsheets and KIIDs as well as fund prices and risk ratings.
    • Range includes stocks & shares, ETFs, commercial property and fixed deposits.

    Login to build portfolios and run more in-depth reports

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    Register and login for more in-depth information on our fund range:

    • Create and save your own basket of funds to track over time.
    • Build reports, analyse portfolios and compare prices.

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    Latest fund lists

    Search the literature library to get our latest fund lists.

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    Risk assessment tool

    Understand your clients' attitude to risk with our easy to use risk-profiling tool.

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    Corporate actions

    View the latest Corporate actions that might affect your clients' investments.

  • Please bear in mind

    The value of your client’s investments can go down as well as up. It’s not guaranteed, which means your client could get back less than they originally paid in.