• Retirement LifePlanning

    Our framework supports your advice process, helping you guide conversations with your client around their retirement options.

    It's designed to help you give your clients the flexibility and reassurance they want, which could help them make the right retirement choices.

  • See how our framework supports your clients' retirement outcomes

    Helping clients plan so they:
    • Cover their everyday essentials with a guaranteed income
    • With some discretionary spend for the ‘nice to haves’
    • And investments to leave a legacy or pay for healthcare in later life. 
    And it considers their retirement concerns too:
    • Longevity – will their money last long enough
    • Flexibility – can they access their money if their needs change
    • Inflation – will their income fall in real terms
    • Volatility – will market fluctuations damage their pension pot
    RLP chart

    A guaranteed income manages your clients' longevity risk to cover the essentials, without unnecessarily locking in the rest of their capital.

    A cash account can be used to cover your clients' spending over the short-term, so they don't need to worry that market movements (market volatility) will stop them doing the things they want. 
    A mix of investments in a diversified portfolio aims to reduce the impact of market volatility and inflation. And any returns can be used to top up the clients' cash account over time. 
    Remaining capital to provide flexibility for their needs later on, for long-term care or to leave a legacy
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    Our suite of planning tools, called LifePlanning toolkit, is designed to support meaningful conversations with your clients.

    Using the tools individually or together you can help identify your clients' goals, show them their potential cash flow and create tax efficient income strategies for your clients retirement.

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    Understanding retirement

    Help your clients understand the pension freedoms with our retirement journey.

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    What does Retirement LifePlanning look like in practice?

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    Our retirement products can suit a range of client needs.

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