• I can offer my clients the tax efficiency of an international bond, but with all the benefits of Elevate

  • International bonds – tax-efficient investments, easily managed

    Bonds from AXA Isle of Man are a simple way for your client to build a tax-efficient investment portfolio - and invest for their family's future.

  • All the benefits of Elevate

    AXA Isle of Man bonds can help your clients invest in a tax-efficient way. Special versions of some of these bonds are available on the Elevate platform – so you can manage them alongside your clients' other investments. This makes it easier for you to create a consistent investment strategy across their whole portfolio.

    You can meet your clients’ individual needs with either the flexibility of Evolution or the inheritance tax and wealth transfer benefits of the Estate Planning Bond. Whichever they choose, you can manage it through Elevate.

  • Evolution – a flexible option for growth, income or tax planning

    A flexible international investment bond - helping your clients invest for income, growth, for their family or for tax planning. And it's flexible enough to be adapted to the changing needs throughout their life.

    Estate Planning Bond – invest, take an income and pass on wealth tax-efficiently

    An international investment bond and a discounted gift trust that can help your client invest for their family - it could reduce your client's inheritance tax bill while also providing them with an income.

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  • Pricing terms to suit your client

    These bonds are available on the Elevate platform on AXA Isle of Man's Flex / Elevate™ pricing terms. These are special terms for bond accounts where all the assets are managed on Elevate.

    The rate of the Elevate Portfolio Charge is linked to the total value of your client's assets on Elevate - so the rate can reduce as the value of your client's portfolio increases.

    The minimum investment amount for either Evolution or the Estate Planning Bond through Elevate is £50,000. 

    Fund switches on Elevate are free of charge.

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  • Please bear in mind

    Your client's investments can go down as well as up and they could get back less than they paid in. The information above is based on our interpretation of current law and taxation. Tax rules can change and are subject to individual  circumstances.