• Investing through Elevate

    We understand that quality, choice and cost are important factors when selecting investments for your clients. That's why Elevate offers a comprehensive range of funds that includes an extensive collection of discounted share classes.

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    Extensive investment choice

    With a range of over 5,000 funds from over 150 fund managers available, Elevate can help you meet the investment needs of your clients.

  • An extended range of super clean share classes

    Super clean share classes typically provide lower charges compared to the equivalent standard clean share class. Our range of over 400 discounted funds from top fund managers including Standard Life Investments means your clients could save even more by investing with Elevate.

    You can download a full list of the super clean share classes currently available to you below. You'll also find our share class finder tool below which will help you to compare costs and identify the cheapest available share class for each fund on the platform.

    Full super clean share class list        Use our share class finder

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    Model portfolios for advisers through Elevate

    We offer a range of ready-made and risk rated model portfolios including those selected by independent investment experts, Morningstar.

    Explore our model portfolios

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    Discretionary fund management

    You can outsource investment management, asset allocation and portfolio rebalancing. Take a look at the fund managers you can appoint on Elevate.

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    Fixed term deposits

    Our range of fixed term deposits available through PIA offers a practical investment solution with a consistent return following a fixed investment term of between three and 36 months.

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    Stockbroking options

    Other investment ranges include: Sterling denominated stocks and shares, investment trusts, and Exchanged Traded Funds (ETFs). Contact your relationship manager for further information.

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