• Create client reports with Portfolioscan

    Portfolioscan makes it quick and easy to give your client a snapshot of their investments - with the details they really want to see.

    You can present information clearly and concisely, avoid unwanted detail, and personalise your reports with your brand too.

  • What you can do with Portfolioscan

    On either Client Portfolioscan or Model Portfolioscan, you can:

    • Present information in a clear, easy-to-understand way
    • Tailor your reports to show the details your client cares about
    • Break down investments by asset class, location or stock sector
    • Show how a portfolio is doing against useful benchmarks
    • Add your brand logo, along with ours
    • Make reports personal with your own views and analysis
    • Choose to create reports in either Microsoft Word or PDF

    How does it work

    You can choose between Client Portfolioscan and Model Portfolioscan.

    • With Client Portfolioscan you can analyse all your client's investments or focus on a specific product
    • Model Portfolioscan lets you analyse a model portfolio.

    To create a Client Portfolioscan report:

    • Log in to Elevate and access your client's account
    • Go to Reports & Documents and click Request Report
    • Alternatively, use the Portfolio section.

    To create a Model Portfolioscan report:

    • Log in to Elevate and go to Model Portfolios.

  • Need help? Take a look at our helpful guide