• The app helps my client to actively engage with their investments

  • My Elevate iPad app – Putting your clients in the picture

    Give your client a clearer picture of how their money is doing. The free My Elevate app gives them an easy-to-understand snapshot of their portfolio 24-7.

    The result? They feel fully informed and engaged, and can check on their investments whenever they want to.
  • Introducing My Elevate

    The app is a quick and easy way to bring investments to life with charts, graphs and summaries. Your client can see how their portfolio has performed over 12 months. They'll need their Elevate log in to use My Elevate. If they don't already have a log in, you can get one for them on the Elevate platform. Find out more from the pdf guide to My Elevate.
  • Tell your clients about My Elevate

    QuickGuide light blue

    For clients with a log in to Elevate

    If your client already has a log in, download this email template.

    QuickGuide green

    For clients without a log in to Elevate

    If your client doesn’t have an Elevate log in yet, download this template.

    QuickGuide dark blue

    How to set up client access to Elevate

    To use our app your client needs read only access to Elevate. Find out how to set this up with our guide.

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