• I can track money in and out of my business and my clients’ investments

  • See how Elevate benefits your clients – and your business

    As well as knowing what Elevate is doing for your clients, you need to know what it's doing for you. Our Contributions and Withdrawals Report helps you to see the money flowing in and out of Elevate - not just for each individual client, but across your whole business.

  • Contributions and Withdrawals - create reports on your clients and your business

    You can use the Contributions and Withdrawals Report to stay in control of client information and save time when you're preparing for client reviews. You can generate client level reports of individual Elevate products or a client account.

    Individual client reports can show you:

    • All monies in and out of Elevate
    • Starting and closing balances
    • Tax relief
    • Income tax and performance

    These reports make it easier to plan client reviews. Plus you can focus in on running reports for individual products, for example the Pension Investment Account or the General Investment Account. You can easily find out your client's remaining ISA and pension allowances, pension contribution or income taken.

    Business reports

    Generate firm level or adviser level reports for a consolidated view of all business flows across all your Elevate business.

  • Get started by logging into Elevate

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    Client reports

    To generate a client report, log in to Elevate and:

    1. Go to your client's account
    2. Go to Reports and Documents and Request Report
    3. Select Contributions and Withdrawals Report and enter the length of time you'd like to cover
    4. Click Go

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    Business reports

    To generate a business report, log into Elevate and:

    1. Go to Business Management
    2. Go to Mgmt Reports
    3. Enter the length of time you'd like to cover
    4. Click Create

  • If you're still not sure, our guide can help you to get started.