• Share class finder tool

    Regulations mean you need to move your clients' portfolios to clean or super clean share class funds. Clean and super clean share class funds generally attract lower charges than retail funds. The move should mean more transparent fees for your clients.

    Transferring a portfolio to a cheaper share class equivalent can be tricky and time consuming. That's where the Share class finder tool comes in.
  • Download the Share class finder tool (version 6.0)
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    Making it easier and less hassle for you

    The Share class finder tool makes searching for these share class funds quick and easy. It lets you:

    • Enter any share class you're interested in and you will now be presented with the cheapest equivalent (if) available
    • Easily compare costs
    • Instantly create a cheaper version of your client's portfolio (if available)
    • Produce reports you can print, or export and save for later
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  • Use the latest version

    Version 5.4 of the Share class finder expired on 01/03/2017. If you saved it to your desktop please download the latest version (6.0) above.

    The Share class finder tool will now expire every four weeks.