• Elevate tools – Designed to make your life easier

    Elevate gives you quick and easy-to-use tools to reduce the time and effort of managing your clients' investments. Whether you're putting together a portfolio, managing investments or taking clients through their results and options, our tools make it easier.

  • Take a look at our tools

    Share class finder tool
    Our Share class finder tool helps you search for the cheapest equivalent fund (if) available from the Elevate investment range. More information.

    Elevate General Investment and ISA illustrations
    Use our straightforward tool to create personalised illustrations for your clients' General Investment Accounts or ISAs. Elevate PIA illustrations are available through the Elevate new business wizard. More information.

    ISA calculator
    Use our ISA calculator to project how your clients' investments could grow - even up to 30 years - helping you and your clients plan for the future.

    Risk assessment tool
    Understand your client's attitude to risk with our simple app by answering a number of risk-based questions to generate a risk-profiled report based on your client's responses. More information.

    LifePlanning toolkit
    Use our LifePlanning toolkit to model your clients' assets, income & goals bringing to life the impact of different market conditions with our 'Let's See Cashflow Planner'. You can also create tax-effective income strategies for your clients with the Retirement income optimiser. More information.

    Retirement LifePlanning calculator
    Engage your clients in the retirement planning process, with our quick and easy tool that helps them visualise what their retirement income could be. More information.

  • Also available:

    Back office links
    We've partnered with a number of the market leading back office systems so you can link your clients' data directly to your back office for up-to-date valuations, electronic remunerations and even new business. 

    Create reports for your clients' investments using PortfolioScan and tailor them to present a breakdown of investments by asset class, stock sector and location. Include your own company logo and add your commentary capturing your own views and analysis. 

    Contributions and withdrawals report
    Use our Elevate Contributions and withdrawals report to stay in control of your clients' information for individual clients and across your whole business. 

    My Elevate App
    Access our free My Elevate app for iPad, offering your clients an easy-to-understand snapshot of their portfolio.