• I need help making the right choices for my clients

  • Helping you with due diligence

    Choosing the right investment platform for your client involves weighing up different platforms, wrappers, investments and charges. We can help you show the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) that you’ve properly assessed the benefits of Elevate as a wrap platform.

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    Areas for you to consider

    The FCA suggests nine areas for you to consider to demonstrate due diligence, including:

    • The platform provider's reputation and financial standing;
    • Terms and conditions of using the platform;
    • Charging structure and transparency of charges;
    • Range of funds, tax wrappers and other products available;
    • Range of asset classes;
    • Functionality, ease of switching and re-registration;
    • Accessibility;
    • Additional tools; and,
    • Support services
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    Due diligence guide for advisers

    The questions to ask when choosing a platform- and how Elevate matches up.

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    Elevate platform features and benefits

    You can discover exactly what Elevate has to offer both you and your clients.