• How we charge your clients

    We've made Elevate charges as clear and competitive as we can. They're easy to understand and easy to explain to your client.

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    ‘Pay what you see’ pricing

    We understand your clients need to understand what they’re paying. So, we’ve made our charges simple and competitive, with clear charging tiers. If your client’s investment grows into the next tier up, our reduced charges apply to everything invested.
  • Flexible and clear charges

    Elevate gives a full breakdown of all payments, paid to you and to us. We don’t fix any element of the adviser charges to your client, so you are free to agree charges with your clients in a way that works for you.

    No additional transaction charges

    We don't charge extra for fund switches, model portfolio functionality or tools such as the risk profile questionnaire. Other charges may apply, such as Fund Manager and DFM charges.

    Link family accounts for lower charges

    Clients who link family accounts can see their charges fall even further by qualifying for a lower price tier.

    Get invested quicker with pre-funding

    Allows you to make faster transactions for your client, so the money is invested more quickly and has additional time in the market.

  • Our charge

    Your client’s investment  Elevate Portfolio Charge 
    £5m or more   0.10% 
    £2.5m to £4,999,999 0.15%
    £1m to £2,499,999 0.25%
    £500,000 to £999,999 0.28%
    £100,000 to £499,999 0.32%
    £25,000 to £99,999 0.34%
    Up to £24,999 0.40%

    Other charges

    Product wrapper / transaction
    Elevate General Investment Account No additional charge
    Elevate Individual Savings Account No additional charge
    Elevate Pension Investment Account No additional charge
    Offshore bonds (AXA Isle of Man) The AXA Isle of Man Bonds are currently charged at an exclusive discounted rate of 0.10% per year, plus £240 annual charge taken quarterly in advance.
    Other third party providers Other third party providers will apply their own charges. Please refer to their original documentation or contact them directly to obtain this information.
    Fund switches No additional charge
    Securities Trading Charge The maximum stockbroking dealing charge is £12.50 per trade*

    * Aggregate charges on securities trading could be lower than this. For example, we can charge as little as £5.50 for exchange traded funds and £7.50 for non-exchange traded funds where we can aggregate 50 or more number of trades.

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